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Top Left is logo. This is a head shot of Ben Fulton in his robes.

A blind crime-fighting advocate promoting justice, fairness, and equality. His approach to ending crime is centered around human rights. His strengths are working with youth and minor offenses in Criminal Diversion Programs. He feels crime is prevented by eliminating destructive behaviour and empowering people faced with criminal charges to establish healthy community relationships. This approach to conflict resolution focuses on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) techniques, involving mediation, arbitration, negotiated settlement, and non-violent communication.


Ben focused his attention in law school to ADR and Administrative law dealing with Boards and Tribunals where he applied the techniques of skilled mediators and negotiators.

Ben graduated from Osgood as one of the few students in the concentrated Litigation, Dispute resolution, and the Administration of justice (LDA) stream. This designation demonstrates that Ben Fulton has exceptional skills in all of these areas, and understands fully the whole process of starting with negotiations and working through mediation, arbitration and different levels of courts. He has the understanding to start from the ground up and see that if need be your case is taken all the way to the top.

As a student at Osgoode Law School he was dedicated to the pursuit of access to justice from the perspective of improving access to the institutions that teach the practice of law. He founded an organization dedicated to ameliorating the position of students with a disability at Osgoode. He fought to get digital material accessible for blind students, accessible classrooms for students for students with mobility issues and a general policy that would ensure student’s were being proactively accommodated.

Ben actively worked on important issues as a member of student government including reviewing the role of the practical learning environment at Osgoode, the overall program being provided to first year students, grading and evaluation procedures, and representing students during the strike negotiations involving staff and faculty. He was awarded both the Gold Key and L & L awards which are two of the most prestigious awards granted to each year’s graduating class. He also received the BC Millennium Scholarship for academic excellence, the Randa Jean Memorial bursary for his commitment to social justice, the Tamara Gordon Scholarship for his student advocacy and the Jennifer Laura Eve Wilson Scholarship for his work with Blind Canadians.

  • British Columbia millennium scholarship (2015). Academic excellence, active involvement in the community and demonstrated interest in social justice

  • Jennifer Laura Eve Wilson scholarship, alliance for equality of blind Canadians (2017). Contributing to improving the conditions of blind students in the field of law

  • Tamara Gordon Foundation scholarship (2017). Academic Excellence in a program capable of ameliorating the situation of Canadians with a disability

  • Centennial Flame Research Award (2017) Completing an academic research project for the Parliament of Canada

  • Dean’s Gold Key Award (2018) Outstanding contributions to the development of Osgoode

  • Legal & Literary Society Award (2018) Outstanding contributions to student activities and curriculum development


Colour Photo of Abbie Visual AID Dog of Benjamin Fulton sitting on a bridge
Ben Fulton is smiling. He is wearing a grey business suit with a white shirt.. His Tie is black and white hearing bone design.  He also has a black and white pocket square to match his tie.
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Bar Number: 96994B
Admittance: 2019


  • Boards-landlord-Tenant Board (LTB) & Ontario Labour Relations Board (NLRB)

  • Tribunals (Human Rights Tribunal Ontario (HRTO) BC Human Rights Tribunal (BCHRT)

  • Commissions (Canada Human Rights Commission (CHRC)

  • All levels of negotiations

  • Small Claims Court

  • Ontario Court of Justice

  • Ontario Court of Appeal

Ben is familiar with de-escalation techniques and works towards the speediest resolution of the issue.  Ben is willing to work with the parties to arrive at a negotiated settlement using mediation or arbitration where possible, matters will be resolved through mediation and voluntary means. However, when less confrontational approaches do not work he has the skills to pursue your case at the Ontario Court of Justice (OCJ), the Ontario Superior Court of Justice (OSCJ), the Ontario Court of Appeal and even the Supreme Court of Canada if that is what is required.

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