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The Silent Vigil

Thank you everyone for reading this far. The last few years have had their share of challenges for sure. I am writing this now on October 1, 2022. It is a landmark day for a number of reasons. First, today is the first day in over 2 years when passengers on planes can fly without wearing a mask.

Secondly, this is the second year celebrating the Truth and Reconciliation Day, making it officially an annual event.

Yesterday there were presentations at Nathan Phillips Square

and I was able to catch some of the 2 days worth of programming. The speakers spoke of the traditions of respecting the spirits of the animals that sacrifice themselves so that we may live.

It was refreshing to bask in the warm autumn sun seeing these traditions brought out, when historically so much was buried, hidden and destroyed.

I reflected on a story once I heard about a residential school survivor who was forced to sit motionless at her desk for hours at a time. She was severely punished for even the slightest movement. Rather than allowing them to take away her spirit she resisted in one small way that was entirely her own. She would wiggle her toes inside of her shoes. She would sit entirely still except for her feet. They couldn’t see her moving her toes so they couldn’t punish her for it, but it was her way of defying her captors and holding on to a piece of herself.

During the restrictions I kept a log of every cruise package or sundrenched vacation package that made it’s way through my junk filter. To me there was something cruelly ironic about these companies advertising cheap getaways in the midst of a pandemic. At first it was just a lark, but somewhere along the way it became my own silent vigil and I had to ask myself how long I would continue. When travel restrictions lifted to allow for non-essential travel that seemed like maybe one step, or was it perhaps when proof of vaccination was no longer required. Expert virologist maintain that the Covid virus will likely remain on the planet for many years to come although the strength of it will lessen.

Therefore, what would be the marker? I decided that the mask wearing was the last restriction still in place and earlier this week I heard the happy news that masks are no longer required. So today I am again deleting spamvertisements about luxurious cruises and enjoying the breath of fresh air, hopeful that the freedom of expression will have the transformative power to heal our nation.

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